A Water Borehole can you provide you with a private water supply.

Without an abstraction licence, you can abstract up to 20,000L of water per day. Jackson Drilling have capabilities to drill both licenced and non-licenced abstractions.

Stages of Work

  1. Hydro-geological Assessment (HGA). The HGA is the starting point for any new Water Borehole. The HGA is a desk top study which provides the borehole depth, geology which will be encountered, estimated yield and a borehole installation design. Once received, this allows us to provide an accurate quotation for the works.
  2. Drilling of the Borehole. Jackson Drilling are able to drill Water Boreholes up to 200m in depth and up to 250mm in diameter. Once drilled, the borehole is lined with PVC pipe with either a filter or formation support pack. We can drill through all geology’s including sand and greensand.
  3. Yield and Laboratory Test. A temporary pump is installed and a test pump is undertaken. This allows us to calculate the yield. Once the test is completed and the water is running clear, a water sample is taken for laboratory analysis. At this stage a raised manhole cover is installed over the borehole.
  4. Design and Installation of the System. A permanent pump is installed, the size of which is dictated by the results of the yield test. Any tanks and treatment are also installed.

In conjunction with Jackson Water Services, all services are undertaken in house. We manage the project from beginning to end.

Hazlegrove drilling

Who is a Water Borehole for?

A Water Borehole can be used for many purposes. We drill and install boreholes for industrial, manufacturing, domestic, agricultural, leisure and tourism industries.

Jackson Drilling have a drill crew that specialise in the drilling of Water Boreholes so you can rest assured you have an experienced, competent and qualified crew on site.




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