The in house designed cutdown cable percussion rig has the ability for it to be stripped down to component parts, allowing the rig to be moved on to the drill position and then rebuilt.

The largest component part is 0.55m in width by 1.0m length allowing it to be carried through s standard doorway.

The rig can work in a headroom of less than 2.50m and can be powered by either a diesel engine or an electric motor.

The JD cutdown rig, whilst small, is extremely capable. The rig can drill in 250mm, 200mm and 150mm diameter and in suitable ground conditions can drill more than 40m below rig level.

Often found in a basement or a shopping centre, this rig allows a borehole to be drilled in usually inaccessible locations. When used indoors or in confined space areas, having the option to run the rig from a 3 phase supply on site or externally located generator allows for suitable fume and risk management.

The Cutdown CP rig is able to undertake the following; drilling in 250mm, 200mm and 150mm diameters, Standard Penetration Testing (SPT’s), U100, UT100, installation of boreholes with a variety of diameter pipework, specialist installations including Vibrating Wire Piezometers (VWP’s) and Inclinometers.

Jackson Drilling are able to conduct site visits to assess suitability of access if required.


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