Safer Lorry Scheme London

safer-lorryOn the 1st September, 2015 the Safer Lorry Scheme came in to place. The scheme ensures that any vehicle over 3.5 Tonnes has basic safety equipment fitted. It is compulsory to install Class V and VI mirrors to allow drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists more easily and the fitting of side guards to protect cyclists from being dragged under the wheels of the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Fines will be issued for any individual that doesn’t comply with this scheme.

Jackson Drilling operate four vehicles which fall under this scheme. Three vehicles are completely exempt. Our latest addition to the fleet is an Isuzu 11T beavertail truck ~(pictured right) which is fully compliant with the Safer Lorry Scheme. In addition to the basic safety equipment we have equipped the vehicle a reversing camera, side scan and an audible warning when turning left. Jackson Drilling are committed to promoting a safe work culture.

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