Using the natural heat sources from the thermal conductivity of the soils and rock below a site is becoming increasingly popular for heating your home, office or commercial property.

Ground source heating is a proven sustainable energy source that can deliver heating to your property. This method of heating is widely used elsewhere in the world and has been gathering momentum in the UK.

Not all sites are appropriate for ground source heat supplies and we recommend that a Thermogeological Assessment report is undertaken in conjunction with a site visit in order to provide a basis for a site assessment.

Depending on the Heat Requirements from the design of the Heat Pump and the information from the Thermogeological Assessment will determine the depth and size of the Boreholes and the amount that need to be drilled for the property

There are two main types of Geothermal systems: “Closed Loop” & “Open Loop” and Jackson Drilling are frequently involved in the drilling and installation of boreholes for the use of geothermal heat supplies.

Jackson Drilling Limited are a member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association. As well as drilling the borehole, we can now offer to carry out all electrofusion welding, pressure testing and the final connection to the heat exchanger.

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