Ground Investigation


Boreholes may be drilled with a variety of rigs. The method used is dictated by the need for penetration in to soil, rock or both and required samples or core recovery. Jackson Drilling uses a wide variety of borehole drilling techniques to suit any size or type of project – whatever the site conditions.
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Geothermal Boreholes


Using the natural heat sources from the thermal conductivity of the soils and rock below a site is becoming increasingly popular for heating your home, office or commercial property. Ground source heating is a proven sustainable energy source that can deliver heating to your property.
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Water Boreholes


A water borehole can provide your own private water supply. Under current UK legislation you are allowed to abstract 20,000L of water from a borehole per day without an abstraction licence. This water can be used as your domestic supply as well as for agricultural and industrial water supplies.
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Jackson Drilling Limited have been undertaking site investigation since 1973.

Jackson Drilling started with one cable percussion rig conducting ground investigation works.

Since 1973 we have grown considerably. We now offer rotary drilling with multipurpose and standard rotary rigs, cable percussion rigs, cutdown cable percussion rigs, windowless sample rigs and concrete coring.

Jackson Drilling conduct Site Investigation, Geothermal, Water Boreholes, Exploration and Underground drilling.

All site staff have CSCS cards and all lead drillers are qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Land Drilling.

Please call or email to discuss any drilling projects.